Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #2: Dive Conditions

Freediving and spearfishing in the Balearic Islands is stunningly beautiful. The water is crystal clear and the underwater landscapes dramatic and changing. The Balearics are like massive chunks of Swiss cheese thrown into the sea with hundreds if not thousands of holes, caves and caverns lining the coasts. Continue reading “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #2: Dive Conditions”

Flooding in town

Less than two weeks ago there was a really bad flood in another corner of the island after some insanely heavy raining. That flooding claimed 10 lives, whereof a 5 year old boy and his mother among the victims. The poor boy’s body was found just days ago. A terrible story that still brings tears to my eyes.

Today flooding struck again, this time closer to home. Continue reading “Flooding in town”