Basic Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an ancient fishing method that has been practiced by humans all over the world as a means to harvest food from the sea. Today Spearfishing is primarily a recreational activity and a fast growing sport. SSI’s approach to spearfishing is from a Selective Underwater Fishing perspective.

In today’s world with over fishing threatening our seas ethical and environmental concerns needs to be front and first in any spearfishing activity.
Our Basic Spearfishing course gives you the knowledge and techniques to become a Selective, Ethical and Safe spearfisherman.

Pre-requisites: Freediving Pool


Spearfishing Safety & Training

In the Spearfishing Safety and Training course we give you the tools to improve your dive stamina and comfort in the water through Spearfishing specific training methods, in and out of the water.
We further review and elaborate on the fundamental safety aspects of spearfishing to keep you safe in your favorite activity.

Pre-requisites: Freediving Level 1