Spearfishing in Mallorca

Mallorca is a great place for spearfishing. It’s very challenging, but stunningly beautiful. The relative lack of pelagic species and spooky character of the reef fish forces you to master the underwater hunting skills.

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#1 Laws and Regulations

#2 Dive Conditions

#3 Fish and Sustainability

#4 Equipment

Spearfishing courses

I offer courses both for beginners who want to get started with spearfishing and for seasoned spearfishermen who want to improve their dive technique and bottom time.

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PJ’s spearfishing manifesto
  • Respect the sea

Done right spearfishing is the most sustainable fishing practice there is. But, done wrong it can cause great harm in the local environment. BE SELECTIVE. Study the prey you are hunting and make sure that you understand your impact on the local environment in catching it.

  • Respect laws and regulations

As spearfishermen or women we are an ambassadors for the sport, no matter you like it or not. Make sure that you are  not giving the sport a bad reputation by breaking laws and regulations. Make sure that you have the required valid permits and licenses. Always respect off limit areas, minimum sizes and bag limits. No matter if they are scientifically motivated or not.

  • Only catch what you’ll eat

If you won’t eat it – don’t shoot it. If you don’t know what it is – don’t shoot it. Fish are not subjects for target practice.

  • Care for your catch

Respect your catch by killing it off quickly and humanely and care for the quality of the meat that you are bringing home.

  • No fish is worth your life

Never dive alone. Your main objective every single spearfishing session should be to make it safely home again. Dive within your limits and make sure that your trusted dive buddy has your back at all times.