Pool Diving

Pool Diving
Dynamic No Fins (DNF)

Summer in Mallorca is all about spending time in the sea and enjoy her warmth and beauty. While diving in the winter is still very enjoyable here, and in a European context – not very cold, some people still prefer to focus their winter training to the pool. 

The swimming pool is a great place to improve as a freediver. The controlled environment allows you to focus on propulsion technique, streamlining and breath-hold ability, without the distraction of pressure changes and environmental conditions.  The improvements you make in the pool to a high extent carry over to vertical diving in the sea.

Weekly Pool Training

During the period November to April I offer weekly pool training in Puerto Pollensa. We practice DYN, DNF and STA. The focus of the sessions is rotating between technique, stamina and maximum performance. Contact me for more information.

Pool Freediver Course

If you are a beginner and want to start your freediving adventure in the winter I also offer Pool Freediving Courses. The pool freediving course is the academic and pool segments of the Level 1 course. As a certified Pool Freediver you are very well prepared when the summer comes to take the next step into depth diving. With a minimum of 2 Open Water sessions you may easily upgrade to the full Level 1 freediver certificate.