Line Diving

Line Diving in Mallorca

There are many reasons to enjoy line diving in Mallorca. First of all the visibility here is fantastic, taking away some the intimidation that may be associated with going deep into the blue with a dive line as only company. Visibility typically range from 25-30m, while we do enjoy days of up to 40m vertical visibility. The long summers and warm waters allows for comfortable diving in 3mm suits from June to October. April to May and Nov to December is preferably enjoyed in 5mm suits.

Bahia Pollensa

Pollensa Bay is our preferred site for courses and training for recreational freedivers. It is our home base and where we conduct most of our dive sessions. The long and narrow shape of the bay ensures that we are well protected from the rougher conditions out at sea. With a boat we have easy access to dive depths of up to 30m, but can reach up to 40m within the bay.


Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is our preferred site for deep diving. The picturesque village of Cala San Vicente is situated a few kilometers away from Puerto Pollensa in a natural gap in the otherwise unbroken chain that makes up the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Tramuntana mountain range.

The bay of Cala San Vicente is much smaller than Pollensa Bay and offers quicker access to deeper waters. Though, due to its geographical position on the North coast of the island and lack of natural protection, the bay is more exposed to swell and winds from the sea. But in favourable conditions we have access to up to 75m dive depth within a short boat ride from this bay, and up to 40m within the bay itself.