Introduction to Freediving Programs

Try Freediving 

Try Freediving is your chance to try what it feels like to dive on a breath-hold and what you are capable of under the water. If you are interested in the sport but not yet sure if it is for you, Try Freediving is a good way to find out. You will get an introduction to breathing, breath-hold and dive technique. You will be informed about the potential risks in freediving and how to avoid them.

Duration:  1/2 day
Water Sessions: 1 Confined Water session
10 years old, able to swim

Basic Freediving

The Basic Freediving course is a great first introduction to the sport of freediving if you are not  yet ready to commit to the full Level 1 program.
It is a one day program where you learn the basics of recreational freediving,  or if you like – advanced snorkeling. You will learn how to stay safe, breathe properly, how to equalize your ears and dive with to a maximum depth of 5m. You will also gain understanding of basic freediving physiology and how we are naturally adapted to breath-hold diving. 

Duration: 1 day
Water Sessions: 1 Confined Water session, 1 Open Water Session 
Prerequisites: 10 years old, able to swim