Freediving & Yoga Weeks on Mallorca

What better way to spend a week of holiday than joining one of our freediving and Yoga Weeks in the beautiful Northern Mallorca?

A Freediving and Yoga Week with us is an unforgettable experience where we indulge in freediving as a sport, as a way to explore the ocean in all its beauty and as a way to explore ourselves and our abilities. We use yoga to keep us grounded and fit and to help us relax and recover during the week.

Schedule for 2018

Spring 2018 Freediving & Yoga Week
6 days of activities whereof 5 days of diving.
Dates: June 3 – 9

Fall 2018 Freediving & Yoga Week
– 6 days of activities whereof 5 days of diving.
– Including Accommodation
Dates: October 6 – 13

Week Content

The Freediving and Yoga Week is hosted by @PJFreedive, @LydieYoga and Tramuntana Diving & Adventure and is packed with training and fun for all levels of certified freedivers. A typical Freediving & Yoga Week contains the following activities.

Half Day freediving boat trips

Our popular half day trips in Pollença Bay are a combination of line diving and fun diving where we start with a coached line diving session, working on feeling, technique and fun. After a short break on the boat we finish with a guided fun dive session exploring the stunning drop offs, caves and caverns of our local Pollensa Bay. Typical dive time 2 x 60 min.

One trek and dive day

One of the days we will set out on foot and enjoy a beautiful trek over the hills to a beautiful dive site where we will explore the new bay and it’s beautiful underwater world.

Safety Drills

Safety is on top of our agenda and we will make sure that we all get a refresher on safety practices and drills to make sure that we have each others backs at all times.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga offers numerous benefits for freedivers in terms of focus, relaxation, breath control and flexibility. You will be guided through yoga classes specially designed for freedivers by our highly experienced yoga teacher and freediver Lydie Ruiz.

Stretching for Freediving Workshop

The thoracic stretching work shop will either introduce you to the practice or teach you new approaches, depending on your previous experience level.

Pranayama Session

Pranayama is a common name for various forms of breathing excercises in yoga. Many pranayama excercices have great benefits for freedivers in terms of breath control, CO2 accustomization and cleansing. In this session you will be guided through a few of them.

Dive Technique Video Analysis

Video analysis is a great way to make you aware of habits and potentially bad practices that you might have developed in your diving and gives you a better chance to correct them.

Optional Stand Up Paddle Board Session

SUP is a great way to relax and spend some time above the surface. The optional session will be guided in a nearby bay.

Final night BBQ Dinner

We’ll finish the week off with a proper BBQ dinner with local flare and some drinks on the terrace of our dive center.

Apart from these above listed segments your instructor will be available for tips and guidance on technique, training, equalization and any other freediving related questions throughout the full week.

Every Freediving and Yoga Week will be a little different from the other. Check each specific week for pricing. The price includes everything mentioned above, dive weights, snacks and water on the boat. Limited supply of basic freediving equipment is available for use on first come first serve basis.

SSI Level 1 or equivalent freediving certification.

Not yet certified?
No worries, if you don’t have a freediving certification yet the SSI Level 1 course can be completed with an extension of the week to start one day earlier, with the course extenting into the week. Extra cost for this is 250 EUR incl. certification cost. (Normal cost for Level 1 is 350 EUR)

Dive Conditions
Normal water temperature in the beginning of June is 20 – 23 degrees Celcius with similar temperatures in October. A 3mm or 5mm freediving wet suit will be suitable. Visibility is stunning here and typically between 20-30m, sometimes more.
We don’t have much currents. The surface is generally quite flat but we might experience some swell. If you are sensitive to motion sickness sea sick pills are advisable to pack.

Past Freediving & Yoga Weeks
Still not convinced?

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our happy customers have to say.

“I took part in the first freedive and yoga week on Mallorca with Per and Lydie. It was a great experience and a great adventure. Per is a really good teacher and the combination with Lydie teaching yoga was ideal. The mixture of deep diving and fun diving was just right. On the deep diving side, the teaching by Per helped me greatly and I always felt very safe. I went from routine 11 m dive (the lake I train in ain’t deeper) to easy 25 m. You cannot expect more. The fun diving was a great adventure with wildlife, tunnels and caves and as an added bonus climbing around in caves, as well. All this ended with a culinary adventure for the last evening that also turned out great. In all, it was a great week that I can wholeheartedly recommend.”

– Uwe Koehler member of the inaugural Freediving and Yoga Week 2017