Freediving Specialties

No Fins Freediving

No matter if it’s the simplicity or the extra challenge, No-Fins Freediving has something for everyone and attracts more and more freedivers. This course can be done as a 1 day program in the pool or a complete 2 day program in pool and OW depending on your needs.

– No Fins Pool 1 day
– Full Course 2 days

– No Fins Pool: Pool Freediving or higher
– No Fins: Level 2 Freediving


Training Tables

Training Tables is the breath hold specialty course. Here you learn powerful methods to train your breathhold and CO2 tolerance in and out of the water. If you want to boost your breathhold to new levels, this is the course for you.

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: Pool Freediving or higher


Free Immersion

Free Immersion is a competitive discipline but also an excellent technique to practice equalization with full control of the descent. Pre-requisites pool Freediver and up. Equalization, Safety, Equipment and Technique is in focus.

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: Pool Freediving or higher