Freediving Level 1

Freediving Level 1
The Freediving Level 1 is the starting point for the SSI Freediver path. Here you get all the fundamental knowledge and skills to become an independent freediver. The target depth is 10-20m.


Our Level 1 course runs over 3 days and covers all the fundamentals of freediving

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You will learn:
– Advanced equalization for freediving
– How to be O2 efficient under water
– Efficient finning technique and streamlining
– to find confidence in your breath-hold
– To make a dive to 10-20m depth feel easy

But more than anything else you will learn the purest form of diving and how to explore the underwater world without bubbles, without trace, without worries…

There are many good arguments for doing the course with us.

  1. We spend more time with you.
    Most freediving schools today conduct their beginner courses over 2 days. We prefer to include more water time and training over 3 days because certain things just need time. Our Instructor Trainer Per Jennische has worked for two of the biggest freediving schools in the world, both running 2 day courses and both seeing around 30% of students not passing the open water segments of the course. With our current course format we have a 100% success rate to date.
  2. We take your safety very seriously.
    One of the biggest takeaways from this course is an understanding of freediving physiology, what the risks in freediving are, how to manage them and how to handle a situation if something goes wrong. We practice safety procedures and rescue skills from the first day of the course and in a series of scenarios in every segment of the course to make sure that you have all it takes to enjoy this beautiful sport with a buddy safely and with confidence, even without an instructor.
  3. We teach you Frenzel equalization
    Equalization of the pressure in the ears is the biggest obstacle for many beginner freedivers. The Frenzel is by far the most efficient equalization technique for recreational freediving. We make sure to teach you the best technique from the beginning.
  4. We dive in beautiful spots
    Pollença Bay is stunningly beautiful both above and below the surface. We have warm crystal clear waters and we can chose dive spots depending on the depths we need. We typically dive with the natural bottom and dramatic drop offs as visual references which adds a lot to your overall experience.

The course layout is as follows:

Day 1 – Confidence
We start after lunch with theory, breathing, equalization and breath hold training – on dry land and in the water. This builds understanding of your body and its signals and develops confidence in holding your breath.

Day 2 – Skills
The second day we start in the morning with a Dynamic session (Dynamic is what we call horizontal diving in pools or shallow water) to develop proper finning technique and streamlining followed by the remaining theory and written exam.
In the afternoon we do the first Open Water session where we practice equalization skills and duck diving technique following a vertical guide line in the water. In this day we develop a solid foundation of dive skills.

Day 3 – Putting it all together
The third day we meet in the morning to go on the boat for two open water sessions. This is the time when we apply all that we learned so far in deeper vertical diving. We dive both along a guide line and without. Day 3 is when you take the final steps in becoming a freediver and explorer of the ocean.

Prerequisites: 12 years old, able to swim
Price: 349 EUR