Freediving Courses

Freediving Pool

The Freediving Pool program is the same as the Level 1 program but without the Open Water Sessions. You will complete the same academic and pool sessions to be certified as a Pool freediver. This is a great program if you for example is getting started in the winter or have limited access to dive waters but still want to get into the sport. 

Duration: 1-2 days
12 years old, able to swim


Freediving Level 1

The Freediving Level 1 is the starting point for the SSI Freediver path. Here you get all the fundamental knowledge and skills to become an independent freediver. The target depth is 10-20m.
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Duration: 2-3 days
12 years old, able to swim


Freediving Level 2

In the Level 2 course you expand on what you learned in Level 1. We explore the importance of relaxation and learn advanced techniques such as Frenzel equalization, freefall and thoracic stretching to dive deeper and with more comfort. Target depth 20-30m.

Duration: 3 days
15 years old, Level 1, 6 logged freedive sessions


Freediving Level 3

Level 3 is the ultimate deep freediving course. Here you learn the most advanced freediving techniques such as mouthfill equalisation, FRC dives, advanced stretching and mental techniques to dive deep. Target depth 30-40m.

Duration: 4 days
18 years old, Level 2, 30 logged freedive sessions