Why I’m downgrading my freediving fins

I own two pair of fins. Up until recently one pair made of carbon fibre that I primarily use for line and pool diving and one pair made of fibreglass that I use for spearfishing and recreational freediving. Recently I broke my beloved Captain Nemo fiberglass blades from Waterways and a replacement became necessary.  Continue reading “Why I’m downgrading my freediving fins”

From Spear to Table #2 – Oven baked Seabream

In this my second From Spear to Table post I’m sharing a recipe with you. I’m going to share more of how I prepare my catch going forward. At least when it turns out well…

First out is my own recipe of oven baked seabream with tomato and onion that came out really delicious.

Oven baked Seabream straight out of the oven

Time: 30min

For 1 person you need:

  • 1 seabream. In this case I used a 25cm Sargo Picudo (Diplodus puntazzo) roughly 200g gutted.
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/4 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper

Turn on the oven to 250°C. If you have an oven pan of suitable size, use that. If not, make a makeshift pan out of tin foil as in the picture. You don’t want the pan to be too big so that the juices spread out too far. Keep it tight.

Gut and scale the fish if you haven’t done it already and wash it well in fresh water. Place it in the pan.

Chop the onion and tomato, slice the garlic and spread it all out around the fish.

Sprinkle some olive oil on top and add salt and pepper to taste.

Bake in the oven for 10-20 min depending on the size of the fish. The fish is ready when the meat is flaky and non-transparent.

Serve with fresh lemon, your potatoes of choice and a green salad.

From Spear to Table #1 – Care for your catch

Welcome to “From Spear to Table”, a new series about what happens after the shot. Under this head line I will share tips, tricks and recipes helping you bring the fish from the spear to the table in the best possible way. In this first post we start from the beginning with how to properly “care for your catch”.
Continue reading “From Spear to Table #1 – Care for your catch”

Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #4: Equipment

In this the 4th episode of “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know” series we are  looking into the equipment aspects of spearfishing in our waters and get familiar with the most popular equipment set ups being used here. Continue reading “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #4: Equipment”

Some days everything seems to go wrong…

Gear in bags, motivation pumping and the cold November morning air in the face as I exit my building. It couldn’t be better. I’m heading out spearfishing with a new crew to a new spot this morning. We meet up in Pollença town before the sun is up, hook up the boat trailer to the car and hit the road. Continue reading “Some days everything seems to go wrong…”

Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #2: Dive Conditions

Freediving and spearfishing in the Balearic Islands is stunningly beautiful. The water is crystal clear and the underwater landscapes dramatic and changing. The Balearics are like massive chunks of Swiss cheese thrown into the sea with hundreds if not thousands of holes, caves and caverns lining the coasts. Continue reading “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #2: Dive Conditions”

Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #1: Laws and regulations

Episode #1 of the “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know” series. This first episode deals with the laws and regulations around spearfishing in the Balearic islands.

Welcome to the Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know series!

Every spearfishing destination is unique in terms of dive conditions, available species, species behaviour, common practices, sustainability concerns and last but not least – regulations. Continue reading “Spearfishing in Mallorca – What you need to know #1: Laws and regulations”

With tourist season gone spearfishing season is on

As the temperatures are dropping restaurants and hotels are closing one by one. While boats and luxury yachts are being lifted out of the water and parasols cleared from the beaches a slow and peaceful atmosphere is embracing our little town. It’s a blessed feeling when work is finished for the year, when the high season stress is being replaced by peace and quiet and time with colleagues and clients give way for time with family and friends. Continue reading “With tourist season gone spearfishing season is on”