2017 AIDA Freediving World Championship – A Complete Guide

The bi-annual AIDA Individual Freediving Depth World Championships are finally here. The opening ceremony is done and the athletes are registering, training and resting themselves in shape for the competition. So what can we expect when the actual diving kicks off on Aug 26? Who should you keep an eye on and who stands the best chance in each discipline? Read on for a complete guide to the Freediving World Championships. Continue reading “2017 AIDA Freediving World Championship – A Complete Guide”

Caribbean Cup 2017 – Results & Thoughts

The 5th annual Caribbean Cup on the Honduran island Roatan has come to an end. This year’s competition is a little special as it’s right on the door step of the AIDA Individual World Championships that is officially opening today, but more on that later. Back to the Caribbean Cup. How did it go down? Continue reading “Caribbean Cup 2017 – Results & Thoughts”

8th edition of the Red C Cup underway in Dahab Egypt

The 2017 2nd edition Red C Cup takes place August 8th to 10th in Dahab Egypt. This very edition of the competition has attracted competitors from 12 different countries with 6 National Records announced for the first day only. Continue reading “8th edition of the Red C Cup underway in Dahab Egypt”

Competitive Freediving Part #3 – CMAS Disciplines

In Competitive Freediving Part #1 and #2 we looked at Disciplines and rules within the AIDA system. In part #3 we’re looking at the other big competitive freediving organization- CMAS to see what they are doing different.

Continue reading “Competitive Freediving Part #3 – CMAS Disciplines”

Competitive Freediving Part #2 – AIDA Rules

In Competitive Freediving Part #1 we went through all the competitive disciplines within the AIDA system. If you’re new to freediving competitions rules and scoring can be a little confusing at times, so in part #2 we’re going to look at the rules for AIDA competitions in general, and where relevant in pool and depth disciplines respectively to make sense of what’s going on.

Continue reading “Competitive Freediving Part #2 – AIDA Rules”