Welcome to PJ Freedive!

PJ Freedive is the public window of Per Jennische, Freelance SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer and passionate spearfisherman on Mallorca. Here you find information about his services, galleries and a blog about freediving, spearfishing, underwater photography & Marine Conservation.

Online you find PJ Freedive on the Web, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo.

In real life you find Per in the North East corner of the island in a town called Port de Pollença.

Apnea Mallorca

Per is a proud member of Apnea Mallorca, Mallorca’s premier freediving club. Apnea Mallorca is an affiliated member of the Balearic underwater Sports Federation FBDAS and organises pool training all year around, depth training in the summers and balearic championship competitions on a regular basis for its members. If you are interested in membership please visit www.apneamallorca.com for details.

Per Jennische

Per was born in Sweden but has lived most of his adult live abroad, first in Asia, and now in Spain.

Per is an SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer certified to teach everything from Basic Freediving to Instructors.  After a few years of full time teaching he has now taken a job in the city and keeps freediving as a passion while teaching occasional courses one a freelance basis on the side.

Per has built a vast experience in freediving education from teaching in the two busiest SSI Freediving Schools in world, Blue Immersion – Thailand and Freedive Gili – Indonesia. He has to date certified around 350 students and a dozen instructors.