The Freediving Season is On!

Though the 1st of April marked our official start of the freediving season here in Port de Pollença I was in the water teaching my first course of the year already on March 28.

I really enjoy diving in Mallorca at this time of the year. It’s a very special feeling to receive the cold hug of the sea dressed in a warm cozy wetsuit, especially when you have the bright warming sun shining in your face as soon as you break the surface.

This past week the surface temperature has been a chilly 15°C, dropping to 14°C a few meters down. In my 5mm Open cell wetsuit I stay warm enough for about an hour. If I need to stay in longer than that I prefer my 7mm option.

Now just a few days into the season I have already had the fortune to teach two courses. One Level 1 and 1 Level 2 course. With a new Level 1 preliminary booked for Monday the 2019 season is so far off to a very good start.