With tourist season gone spearfishing season is on

As the temperatures are dropping restaurants and hotels are closing one by one. While boats and luxury yachts are being lifted out of the water and parasols cleared from the beaches a slow and peaceful atmosphere is embracing our little town. It’s a blessed feeling when work is finished for the year, when the high season stress is being replaced by peace and quiet and time with colleagues and clients give way for time with family and friends.

But there can only be so much peace and quiet in life. There has to be action too. And winter season on Mallorca means spearfishing season. With non-crowded cooler waters, lazy fish and plenty of time to spend, what else can you ask for?

Today I went spearfishing for the first time this winter. It was a shore dive with my good friend and dive buddy Àngel. Visibility wasn’t great, fish were scarce and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, but it was still a great time. After the first few dives I didn’t have much hope for a catch though, but Fortunately I didn’t have to start the season completely empty handed. A small but perfectly legal sized Sargo finally ended up in the cooler. The photo below is from the very moment I pulled the trigger. The fish wasn’t super close but the spear still hit it right in the vertical line behind the head. I’m very happy with that shot.

The moment the trigger is pulled

But landing the fish is just the first part of the fun, to prepare it for dinner is a close second. This fish was too small to make a proper meal for two, but I still cooked it up with all the love and care it deserved. Here is the recipe.

Pot baked Sargo with olive oil, garlic and lemon and a side of boiled potatoes

As I gutted and scaled the fish already in the sea I just prepare it for cooking by cleaning it in some fresh water under the tap. I don’t care about filleting or skinning it.

Make some diagonal cuts on both sides of the fish to allow the flavors to enter the meat better. After putting the fish on a sheet of aluminum foil sprinkle salt, pepper and olive oil on both sides, cover with some sliced garlic, 2 cloves or so, and finally squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the whole thing.

Close the package neatly and put in the potato pot when the potatoes have come to a boil. The fish will be ready by the time the potatoes are.

When it’s ready it looks like this. Maybe not the quantity, but definitely the quality. Serve with a green salad and for extra flavor let some salted butter melt over the boiled potatoes on your plate.