The end of the tourist season 2018

It’s the 31st of October. When I look out the window in the morning I see a light rain falling and the thermometer showing 13 degrees. It’s as if nature wants to reinforce the message that the tourist season has come to an end.

As of today the boats are out of the water, the equipment cleaned and stored away, the new blinds for the shop windows installed and pulled down. The facilities have gone into hibernation and we hereby put a halt to our regular activities. But we are not entirely closed. I am still accepting applications for certain courses.


If you want to start your freediving adventure over the winter we are still offering Pool and Level 1 freediving courses. The Pool course is the academic and pool segments of the Level 1 course and allows you to get started with freediving training in the pool and wait with the Open Water segments until the water warms up again. If you don’t mind a little chilly water we can do the Open Water segments as well during the winter.

If you are already a freediver and want to learn new ways to stay dive fit over the winter the SSI Training Techniques course is a great choice. You will learn numerous new ways to work on your breath-hold and CO2 tolerance to make sure that you stay motivated and dive fit over the off season.


If you are intrigued by spearfishing but not quite sure how to start the SSI Basic Spearfishing course is for you. The course focus on safety, basic hunting techniques and ethical practices. The goal is to make you a Safe, Selective and Sustainable underwater hunter.

Pre-requisites: SSI Level 1 freediving or equivalent certification

If you are already a spearfisherman but need help to improve your depth and bottom time the SSI Spearfishing Safety and Training Course is your best choice. Apart form giving you techniques and tips on how to improve your comfort and bottom time, I am also making sure that you understand how to stay safe out there.

Pre-requisites: SSI Level 1 freediving or equivalent certification

If you have any other requests or ideas just send me a message and we’ll see what we can do. I am in no way planning on staying on dry land during the winter.