Flooding in town

Less than two weeks ago there was a really bad flood in another corner of the island after some insanely heavy raining. That flooding claimed 10 lives, whereof a 5 year old boy and his mother among the victims. The poor boy’s body was found just days ago. A terrible story that still brings tears to my eyes.

Today flooding struck again, this time closer to home. In fact it knocked on the door to my friends’ home and unsurprisingly, entered without answer. Their house is next to farmland and a wetland park that couldn’t absorb the heavy rain, causing water levels to rise very quickly. It’s striking how fast water levels can rise under the right circumstances.

Run off from the flood turned the bay completely brown up to mile from shore

My friend and colleague was at work when the flooding hit, but her boyfriend was luckily at home and managed to get their pets to safety before the water rose to almost a foot high in the house.

When we got to their house we still couldn’t see the floor anywhere. As the water receded friends and family managed to carry out what could be saved and get the remaining water out the door. In a couple of hours the worst was over, but the damage was of course already done. Now we just hope that there won’ be any more rain before water levels are back to normal so they get a chance to restore their home again without interruption.

Flooding of a neighbouring property
At least we were awarded a beautiful rainbow