Why the women’s competitive freediving is so much more exciting than the men’s

In this year’s Vertical Blue competition it became very clear that if you want excitement, unpredictability and fierce competition it’s the women that will provide it. Continue reading “Why the women’s competitive freediving is so much more exciting than the men’s”

Vertical Blue Day 3 Announcements

A new day of freediving competition is dawning in the Bahamas.

Today we see no less than seven National Record and TWO World Record announcements.

Alessia Zecchini will attempt to succeed where Jessea Lu failed on day 1 of the competition, with a 93m FIM dive to claim the World Record in yet another discipline. Alessia already holds the WR in CWT with AIDA and the CWT bi-fins WR with CMAS. A successful dive would definitively cement her position as the current queen of freediving, at least for now…

Alexey will attempt to improve on his own WR in CWT from last year with a dive to 130m. This is a dive that I have myself, as a safety diver, witnessed him do with ease in Indonesia two years ago. That was out of competition though and now the stakes and pressure is higher.

Also noteworthy:

Thibault Guignes, Monsieur No-Packing is attempting to improve on his own 108m NR for France with a 110m dive in the FIM discipline.

William Trubridge will try to set an example and take the lead in the men’s FIM competition with a 119m dive.

Good luck to all athletes. Let the white cards fly!