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That’s right! PJ Freedive now has a newsletter! But why would you subscribe to yet another newsletter you might ask yourself?

First of all, through the monthly issues of the PJ Freedive Bulletin you will get access to interesting articles & information on things that matters to you, such as all aspects of freediving, equipment, marine life and announcements of interesting activities.

Secondly, we are trying to create something great on Mallorca, something new and different, something that you might want to be a part of. We want to be your local freediving club away from home and this newsletter plays a part in that.

Line Diving Formentor Island

There are freediving centers popping up all around Europe and the world. If you want to learn how to freedive, to improve your skills or dive deeper along a line you have many choices. But freediving is so much more than taking a course and dive along a line.

For many of us freediving is as much an addictive sport as it is a way to explore the ocean. We might do it to enjoy the scenery, encounter marine life, to challenge ourselves, to catch the beauty in underwater photos or maybe even to catch some fish.

Dramatic drop offs
For some of us it’s a lifestyle. We train, we practice yoga and we try to eat well to improve our abilities under water. No matter your interests or ambitions, freediving has something for everyone.

The scuba diving industry has catered to their certified divers since the early days of the sport. With a choice of local fun dives, day trips, international dive travel and exotic live aboards, all operated by dive professionals who knows the area and show you to the best places, scuba divers have an abundance of opportunities to amazing experiences long after certification.

For some reason the freediving industry is lagging behind. Once you are certified you are often left on your own. In best case you may be offered training sessions on the line or continuous education. But what about all the rest? Who is going to take you and your freediving friends to the best dive sites? Who is going to show you the most stunning caves and swim throughs? Who is going to share their knowledge on the local marine environment and the marine life you encounter? Who is going to take you on a freediving live aboard?

What we are trying to create on Mallorca is a place that does all of that – and much more. Already today we are offering Courses from beginner to instructor, line diving sessions, amazing guided dive trips in our favourite play ground – Pollensa Bay as well as dedicated Freediving and Yoga Weeks. But this is just the beginning.
With an incredible network of flights to Palma Mallorca is within a short flight away from almost anywhere in Europe. We might not have the colourful marine life of the tropical seas, but we have stunning diving all the same, right here in our own continent. How about these underwater scenes?

My lovely girlfriend Lydie and I are now working hard with our partners to prepare for next season. Our Dive Center that now operates under the franchised name Actionsport Prodive Mallorca will close down and re-open in the same place and with the same management, but as an independent Scuba and Freediving Center with a new name. Details will be revealed at a later time.

We will launch a freediving club with exclusive membership benefits such as activity and equipment discounts, discounts on continuous education, booking priority, travel opportunities and more.

We will open a yoga studio and shop with regular yoga classes and special classes for freedivers where we will sell yoga equipment and everyday items made of environmentally friendly materials.

Next year is going to be a big year for us and we would love for you to be a part of it.

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