CMAS European Apnea Outdoor Championship 2017

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The World Underwater Federation CMAS’s inaugural European Apnea Outdoor Championship took place in Kaş, Turkey from October 3rd to 7th 2017.

CMAS has been strengthening their profile in competitive freediving in the last couple of years and I am happy to see them challenge AIDA for the big competitions. The European Championship attracted many of the biggest names in freediving, spearheaded by the two AIDA world record holders Alexey Mochanov and Alessia Zecchini.

The competition offered four disciplines. The AIDA familiar disciplines of Constant Weight (Monofin) & No-Fins as well as the CMAS unique disciplines of Constant Weight Bi-Fins and Jump Blue.

Constant Weight Bi-Fins is my personal favourite form of diving and I’m really happy to see that CMAS is honoring it its own discipline, something that AIDA is still failing to do.

These European Championships were in an open international competition format where non-Europeans were welcome to compete as well for results, but not for medals. I like that.

Competition high lights?

Alexey Molchanov’s 108m World Record dive in Constant Weight Bi-Fins. That is a MASSIVE dive where for sure Alexey’s oversized thighs come in very handy.

The women too got not one but two new World Record holders in Bi-Fins with Natalia Zharkova and Alenka Artnik both diving to 85m. Impressive indeed.

Full medal tally below.

Day 1 – October 3rd – Constant Weight (Monofin)


Gold: Alenka Artnik – Slovenia 95,0m WR

Silver: Alessia Zecchini, – Italy 93,0m

Bronze: Natalia Zharkova – Ukraine 82,0m


Gold: Alexey Molchanov – Russia 122,0m WR

Silver: Goran Colak – Croatia 113,0m

Bronze: Homar Leuci – Italy 101,0m


Day 2 October 4th – Constant Weight (No Fins)


Gold: Natalia Zharkova – Ukraine 65m

Silver: Alessia Zecchini, – Italy 63m

Bronze: Mirela Kardasevic Croatia 58 m.


Gold: Goran Colak – Croatia 83m

Silver: Homar Leuci – Italy 71m

Bronze: Thomas Bouchard – France 70m


Day 3 October 6th – Constant Weight (Bi-Fins)


Gold: Natalia Zharkova – Ukraine 85m WR

Gold: Alenka Artnik – Slovenia 85,0m WR

Bronze: Mihaela Romic – Croatia 75.0m


Gold: Alexey Molchanov – Russia 108,0m WR

Silver: Vincenzo Ferri – Italy 94.0m

Bronze: Arnaud Jerald – France 92.0m


October 7th – Jump Blue


Gold:  Lidija Lijic Vulic – Croatia 171.23m

Silver: Christina Rodda – Italy 170.57m

Bronze: Mirela Kardasevic – Croatia 130.90m


Gold: Alexey Molchanov – Russia 195.50m

Silver: Andrea Vitturini – Italy 143.50m

Bronze: Yury Shmatko – Russia (distance missing from the CMAS web site)