AIDA WC 2017: Day 6 – Men’s CNF: Results & Comments

Mixed bag and a GRAND FINALE. The final competition day of the championship had everything. And this time the deepest divers delivered the most.

With the two giants William Trubridge and Alexey Molchanov both announcing 90m the day promised to be exciting. But on the way there it was a day laden with disappointment. We saw surface black outs and failed surface protocols mixed with an odd white card here and there. But towards the very end things started to straighten out, giving us the following very well deserved medalists.

Gold: William Trubridge – New Zeeland 90m
Gold: Alexey Molchanov- Russia 90m
Bronze: Morgan Bourc’his – France 86m

Big congratulations to you all!

Now let’s look at the highlighted dives in chronological order.

Stig Pryds – Denmark AP 73m
CNF didn’t turn into the come back Stig had hoped for in a championship where things hasn’t really work out for the Dane. Looking very strong in the dive the hypoxia on the surface was too overwhelming and all went black for a brief moment. Red Card.

Dean Chaouche – UK AP 77m
The UK National Record Holder displayed a very good technique and looked clean, but just like Stig on the surface hypoxia took the better out of him. Struggling to recover a dip of the airways rendered a Red Card

Remy Dubern – France 77m
From here on things started to shape up. Remy nailed his dive with a clean performance and was now the deepest guy in the competition with only 3 competitorsnleft. Considering the high number of black outs in the day chances looked good for a medal right there. But, the deeper guys had other ideas.

Morgan Bourc’his – France 86m
Mr Perfect as his known as in the freediving community for his clean performances remained true to his name and once again put on a clean performance displaying one the most beautiful techniques in the competition. After breezing through the surface protocol he knew he place on the podium was secure. Now the questions was which value it was going to be.

Alexey Molchanov- Russia 90m
In his second gold dive off of the championship Alexey was the first diver out this time. Probably an easier position to be in with less pressure to perform. Alexey who dives without any weights announced a long dive time of 3:45 but ended up being even slower. Gliding a lot with a low stroke frequency he took 2 full minutes to reach the bottom plate before stroking and gliding his way back up to the surface. His ascent was a stark contrast to Morgan’s who used  high stroke frequency and speed and to make his way up. After 3 min and 51 Sec Alexey broke the surface. Facing the judges he breezed through the surface protocol and cashed in his second gold medal.

William Trubridge – New Zeeland 90m
William’s main goal of these championships was to get ranking points in Constant Weight. That didn’t work out with his unfortunate disqualification for technicalities in the surface protocol in that dive. But, here he still had a golden chance to leave with a feeling of success and secure a second top spot to equal Alexey’s two gold medals. All he had to do was the simple task of swimming down to 90m without fins and back up again. So he did that. White card and a second gold medal from the scientific Kiwi.

By this the AIDA Depth World Championship has come to an end and I will summarize the championship later in a separate post.

Full results list below.