AIDA WC 2017: Day 5 – Women CNF: Start List & Predictions

Wow! Just like in the men’s Constant Weight, the women’s Constant Weight without Fins competition is a proper dive off with two divers announcing 70m to cash for gold. I love these championships!

Alright, let’s brake it down to the top athletes.

Sayuri Kinoshita – Japan AP 70m
Sayuri is announcing a dive 2 meters below her own World Record from VB2016. She has proven to be in great form with a bronze medal and a 4th place in the competition already. Here in her favorite discipline she can add a gold medal to that record.

Amber Bourke – Australia AP 70m
You could argue that Amber’s challenge is bigger than Sayuri’s, announcing a dive 2 meters deeper than her current Record of 68m from the Caribbean Cup last month. But, it all depends on current form and results in training. She has proven she can dive deep in competition already.  I say new National Record for Australia and a shared gold medal for Amber.

Alessia Zeechini – Italy AP 65m
Still recovering from an arm injury Alessia seem confident that it won’t hold her back in her No Fins dive. No Fins is not Alessia’s dominant game. In fact she doesn’t even have an official AIDA ranking in the discipline. Still, I have learned to never underestimate the Italian dive phenomenon and it wouldn’t surprise me if she pulls it off and grabs the bronze just like that, with some luck, even the silver.

Jessea Lu – China AP 62m
Jessea is intending to improve on her National Record of 60m from VB2016. Jessea has managed to peak her form for the competition grabbing a silver medal in FIM already.  If any one from the top trio slips she has a good chance on the bronze here as well.  

Sofia Gomez Uribe – Colombia AP 59m
Though I do believe that a dive in the 60s will be needed for a medal, with a little bit of luck Sofia’s 59m might prove enough to grab the bronze.


Full Start List below

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