AIDA WC 2017: Day 4 – Men CWT: Start List & Predictions

Holy Smoke! Look a that start list. 10 dives below 100m and 2 dives deeper than 125m! This will be a very interesting day.

Let’s have a look at the announcements. I’m refusing to learn my lesson from the Free Immersion competition and will stay predominantly positive.

Alexey Molchanov – Russia AP 126m
Alexey has done these kind of dives many times and is very stable at those depths. He doesn’t tend to have problems with equalization and only a failed surface protocol (2 failed in the last 4 dives) would keep him from the gold.

Dave Mullins – New Zeeland AP 126m
Dave Mullins is a gambler, that’s for sure. After turning early three times in the Caribbean Cup on 115m, 115m, and 110m he is now announcing 126m, a new personal best and National Record, 1m deeper than his 125m from 2013. Dave definitely has the capacity to do it. As a very successful competitive spearfisherman he has a monster breath-hold. What holds him back is equalization after a few years outside of the big competitions. I assume pieces have started to fall on place in the last days of training with such an announcement. If he pulls it off he will equal Guillaume Nery as the second deepest diver in the world. I’m still afraid that it’s a gamble that won’t pay off. I predict an early turn.

William Trubridge – New Zeeland – AP 116m
William is announcing the same depth as he did in the Free Immersionncompetition where he turned early at 114m because of a sticky ear. That won’t happen again and this should be a silver dive.

Mike Board – UK AP 106m
Mike hasn’t been entirely happy with his training in Roatan, but has still pulled of a 107m dive during one of the training days and 104m after an early turn on his 108m dive in the Caribbean Cup. I’m sure he badly wants a good come back after hi red card in the Free Immersion competition and I think he’ll pull it off this time. Bronze medal.

Wang Aolin – China 105m
Wang is announcing a dive 1m below his National Record from the Caribbean Cup 8 days ago. He is obviously in good form and he should be able to pull this one off.

Adam Stern – Australia AP 104m
Adam is announcing a new personal best and National Record for Australia. He seems to be in great shape and is probably full of confidence after the bronze medal in Free Immersion. I think he’ll make it.

Stig Pryds – Denmark AP 103m
National Record depth. In the Caribbean Cup he announced 104m but turned early at 87m in the last day of the competition. Probably he has had good training dives still. I like that he took a meter off though to help him make it feel like a different dive from the failed 104m dive.

Morgan Bourc’his – France AP 101m
Morgan has a personal best of 106m from last year but his deepest competition dive this year is 98m in VB2017. If his training has been good he can pull it off.

Stéphane Tourreau – France 101m
Stéphane’s 107m is from VB2017. IN the Caribbean Cup he dived to 95m and didn’t show for his 97m announcement on the last day. It seems  like he hasn’t managed to peak his form this time. It’s still a dive comfortably below his personal best and a wise announcement if his trainingnhas been fruitful.

Arnaud Jerald France 100m
I do not know much about Arnaud. We’ll see what he can do.

I would say that all of the above has a chance on a medal. A red card here and early turn there and the chances come for shallower announcements as well.

Full start list below

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