AIDA WC 2017: Day 3 – Women CWT: Start List & Predictions

After yesterday’s training day we are back in competition with the women’s Constant Weight. I got to say, the women’s competition makes me more excited than the men’s in this world championship. Look at the competition! 5 women within the span of 5 meters. That’s what I call competition. Let’s have a look at the announcements.

Alenka Artnik – Slovenia AP 100m
Alenka just did 100m in the Caribbean Cup about a week ago and if her nerves are in place under her skin she might be able to pull it off again. It is a very deep dive though and probably at the very end of her current limits. A bit of a gamble that can go either way, but my unfortunate bet is a red card.

Alessia Zecchini – Italy AP 98m
Alessia is playing it safe announcing 6 meters below her Personal Best and World Record of 104m. I’m confident that she’ll make it. Especially considering her solid Gold dive in FIM last Saturday. Here’s she’s digging for gold again.

Kate Middleton – New Zeeland AP 98m
Kate is announcing a new Personal Best and National Record for New Zeeland with her 98m dive. Kate is not a wild shot and she has done 97m in competition twice this year, proving that she’s stable around those depths. I believe she’ll make it. Shared gold with Alessia

Sayuri Kinoshita – Japan AP 97m
Sayuri is announcing a 1m deeper dive than her Personal Record from VB2017. Sayuri seems to be in good shape pulling of a new National Record in FIM last Saturday. Silver medal

Sofia Gómez Uribe – Colombia AP 96m
The silver medalist from the FIM competition is announcing a new National and Continental Record with a 96m dive, 3m deeper than her own National Record from VB2016. She did 91m in the Caribbean Cup and at least 94m in training last week. Still it’s a very deep dive and I’m afraid a medal will slip through her fingers.

Tomoka Fukuda – Japan AP 94m
Tomoka has good memories from Roatan where she set her Personal Record of 95m at the Caribbean Cup last year. Tomoka was one of the two women who suffered a black out in the women’s FIM competition during her 80m dive last Saturday. After two days of recovery I have a feeling she’ll get her comeback here with a white card and a bronze medal.

There you have it, my bet. What’s yours?

Full start list below

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