AIDA WC 2017: Day 3 – Women CWT: Results & Analysis

The women again put on quite a show with a series of impressive dives and lots of white cards. The result lists are not out yet so there might be reason to edit if any changes or protests would come through.

But let’s have a look at the medal tally first. I’m pretty sure we can take this one for granted.

Gold: Alenka Artnik – Slovenia 100m
Silver: Alessia Zecchini – Italy  98m
Bronze: Sayuri Kinoshita – Japan 97m

Those are some impressive numbers being displayed right there. Massive congratulations to the new medalists! 

So how did the actual diving go down?

Alenka Artnik – Slovenia AP 100m
Alenka proved me wrong by pulling off a second 100m dive in a week. And that with quite a performance. Even with a longer dive time then announced, around 3:20, she sent a wave and a kiss to the audience before breaking the surface and still came up fresh like stepping out of the bath. Impressive!

Alessia Zecchini – Italy AP 98m
Diving with an arm injury, stopping her from keeping one of her arms straight above the head did not stop the diving machine from Italy. She still made it look easy. Clean! Boom! Silver in the bank.

Kate Middleton – New Zeeland AP 98m
Kate’s dive did not go according to plan. After turning early in the lower 90s she failed to recover properly on the surface, dipped her airways and got Red Carded. Competition nerves?

Sayuri Kinoshita – Japan AP 97m
Sayuri did not get the silver medal I predicted.  After touching down successfully I thought she was losing it towards the end with her arms leaving their position above her head and moving around worryingly, swimming slowly and looking very tire But that didn’t stop her from displaying a razor sharp surface protocol. White card and a bronze medal!

Sofia Gómez Uribe – Colombia AP 96m
Sofia proved me wrong as well nailing her 96m dive setting a new Colombian, Continental and Pan American Record on the fly. Unfortunately it was 1m short of the podium, but I don’t think she cares much about that. Not after a solid performance like that.

Tomoka Fukuda – Japan AP 94m
Tomoka made it down to the bottom plate and back, displaying a very good technique throughout the dive. At the surface she started rushing through the surface protocol, possibly being a little sloppy with her recovery breathing, resulting in a dip of her airways and a Red Card. There were some waves as she surfaced which might have played a part in the dip as it brought the surface up closer to her face as she was hanging seemingly stable on the line. Very unfortunate.