AIDA WC 2017: Day 1 Women FIM: Results & Analysis

Day 1 of the Freediving World Championships is done and the first medals assigned. How did it go and what did we learn?

1. Sometimes this sport can be awfully predictable. All the top divers lived up to their expectations and reached their announced depths followed by white cards. Basically the start list could be recycled as a result list.

Gold: Alessia Zecchini 88m (NR)
Silver: Sofia Gómez Uribe 86m & Jessea Lu 86m (NR)

2. It took a National and Personal Record to get on the podium. Silver medalist Sofia Gómez Uribe was the only woman on the podium who didn’t exceed – just match – her and her country’s previously best performance. That’s how competitive these championships are. No playing it safe in Honduras folks.

3. In addition to the three National Records among our finalists we also got a few more National Records to write into the books

JAP: Sayuri Kinoshita 85m
MEX: Estella Navarro Holm 74m
SWE: Sofia Tapani 74m
RSA: Natalie Rudman 60m

Full Result List

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