AIDA WC 2017: Day 1 – Women FIM: Start List & Thoughts

The game is on! The start list with announced depths and dive times are out. Let’s see what the women are up to today.

White PlatformNo automatic alt text available.Alessia Zeechini – Italy made a bold 88m announcement making it the deepest dive in the competition. She did a successful training dive to 84m yesterday showing great form, but today everything is different. Four extra meters and competition nerves on top. Can she handle it?

Sayuri Kinoshita – Japan. Sayuri announced 85m and dives right after Alessia. Depending on the outcome of her dive Sayuri might dive with more or less pressure. A failed dive from Alessia and Sayuri is potentially diving for gold, a white card and she’s diving for silver at the very best.

Jennifer Wendland – Germany. The overall bronze medalist from Caribbean Cup 2017 and the World Championships 2015 seems to be in  great form. After her successful 78m dive in the Caribbean Cup she is announcing 82m here giving her a fair chance on the bronze.

Blue PlatformNo automatic alt text available.Jessea Lu – China. Jessea has announced a new National Record for China of 86m, 1m deeper than her record from earlier in the week, a dive that guarantees her a medal with a white card. It’s just a question of which value, gold or silver?

Sofia Gomez Uribe – Colombia. Sofia announced the same depth as Jessea with 86m and is by that in the same situation as her. A white card and a medal is hers.

Tomoko Fukuda – Japan announced 80m with a chance on a bronze medal should a couple of the deeper divers slip.

Note worthy

Kate Middleton – New Zeeland a potentially strong candidate for the gold is not competing today. Why I am not sure about at this point.