Caribbean Cup 2017 – Results & Thoughts

The 5th annual Caribbean Cup on the Honduran island Roatan has come to an end. This year’s competition is a little special as it’s right on the door step of the AIDA Individual World Championships that is officially opening today, but more on that later. Back to the Caribbean Cup. How did it go down?

3 disciplines, 3 competition days, 1 dive a day. The Caribbean Cup does not leave room for mistakes if you are competing for the overall win. That became very clear in this year’s men’s competition.

On day 2 CWT World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov did a seemingly successful FIM dive to 117m and was rewarded a white card by the judge. A few hours later though someone filed a protest that his ok sign wasn’t performed in the direct direction of the judge. The protest was successful and the dive officially disqualified, costing Alexey the overall victory. This has caused quite some stir and sour feelings in a freediving community questioning the sportsmanship of the protester.

Instead the final surprising results came to look like this.

Caribbean Cup Overall Results

Swedish diver Giobbi Piero is the overall winner in the men’s competition with three, for most people impressive, but in today’s competition standards quite modest depths. Alexey Molchanov as 2nd.

In the women’s competition it’s great to see a Chinese diver in the form of Jessea Lu as overall winner with Australian Amber Bourke not far behind on second place.

So what does this tell us about the upcoming World Championships? Not much. This year’s edition of the Caribbean Cup is very much a warm up for the big shots. Still, Alexey Molchanov seems to be in a great shape delivering 3 impressive dives. But there are more men that dive deep and I’m sure we haven’t seen the best of William Trubridge, Walid Boudhiaf and Dave Mullins yet, just to name a few.

Among the women I do not expect to see any of the medalists from this Caribbean Cup on the podium in the World Championships. There is too strong competition from divers like world record holders Alessia Zucchini & Sayuri Kinoshita, new 100m diver Alenka Artnik and why not Kate Middleton?

In a few days we’ll see…