Vertical Blue 2017 – a half way summary

Just from a quick glance at the starting line up 2017 promised to be the most competitive edition of Vertical Blue to date. Two thirds into the competition in Dean’s Blue Hole I can safely say that it’s definitely living up to it’s expectations.

Or how about this? So far we have seen:
5 men below 100m in CWT
2 women below 100m in CWT

7 men below 100m and 4 below 110m in FIM
2 women below 80m in FIM

2 men below 90m in CNF
1 woman below 60m in CNF, maybe the weakest discipline so far in the competition.

We have seen Alessia Zucchini from Italy set a new 102m World Record for women in CWT while Alexey Molchanov from Russia repeated his 129m World Record in the same discipline.
We have seen national records being broken left and right with 6 on day 6 alone.

Currently half way into the competition the standings are as follows

Overall (men)
1. Alexey Molchanov RUS
2. Morgan Bourc’his FRA
3. Homar Leuci ITA

Overall (women)
1. Sayuri Kinoshita JAP
2. Kate Middleton NZL
3. Aurore Asso FRA

CWT (men)
1. Alexey Molchanov RUS – 129m (WR)
2. Davide Carrera ITA – 114m (NR)
3. Michael Board GBR – 106m (NR)

CWT (women)
1. Alessia Zecchini ITA – 102m (WR)
2. Hanako Hirose JAP – 100m (NR)
3. Sayuri Kinoshita JAP – 96m

FIM (men)
1. Alexey Molchanov RUS – 118m (NR)
2. William Trubridge NZL – 116m
3. Walid Boudhiaf TUN – 116m (NR)

FIM (women)
1. Kate Middleton NZL – 84m (NR)
2. Sayuri Kinoshita JAP – 83m (NR)
3. Claire Paris USA – 70m

CNF (Men)
1. William Trubridge NZL – 91m
2. Alexey Molchanov RUS – 90m
3. Morgan Bourc’his FRA – 88m

CNF (women)
1. Sayuri Kinoshita JAP – 68m
2. Anna Von Boettcher GER – 55m (NR)
3. Estella Navarro Holm MEX – 50m

With 3 more competition days to go a lot can still happen. Stay tuned for more updates to come.


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