1/2 Day Combo Trip

Our popular Pollença Bay Combo Trip is the perfect trip for all freedivers who enjoy both line diving and underwater exploring or photography. The trip offers 2 freedive session of around 1 hour each in two great spots .

1. Coached Line Diving

Chrystal Clear Waters

In the first session we dive with a buoy and a dive line. This is freediving as a means to explore yourself and your abilities rather than the ocean. Together with your coach you will work on any aspect of your freediving technique that you would like to put focus on for the day. A typical day we can access around 30-35m depth and enjoy 20-30m visibility. For deeper dives please contact us for details.


2. Guided Fun Diving

Drop off

After a short trip to the second dive site and some rest on the boat we leave the dive line  behind and dive in to explore the ocean. We dive through caves and caverns and follow the dramatic drop offs in our beautiful  Pollença Bay. Your guide will make sure that you maximize the experience and don’t miss any of the best spots.

On the day of the trip we meet at the dive center at 08:15 in the morning and return around 13:00 in the afternoon.

SSI Freediving Level 1 or equivalent freediving certification

Single Trip: 75 EUR

Dive Weights, Snacks and Water on the boat is included in the price.

Packages: The more you dive the more you save
2 Trips: 142 EUR
3 Trips: 198 EUR
4 Trips: 244 EUR
5 Trips: 280 EUR

All prices are based on a minimum of 2 freedivers per trip. For 1 freediver only please add 25 EUR per trip.

Freediving Equipment is available for rental if you don’t have your own.